Who We Are

Verde Inc. today is not only one of the major olive oil producers but also one of the leading players in the food industry with certifications from internationally accepted institutions. Verde trademark represents a product with a rich history of its own as an established brand in Italy and also well-known in Turkey and through out the world.

Verde Inc. continues the tradition of producing fine quality Mediterranean. Paying full attention to continuous hygiene, quality and health, the company set the standarts to the highest level for its local and international customers.

We keep the honor of being the first Turkish Olive Oil producer to export our own olive oil to the USA; Middle East; EU and Far East markets under our own registered brands.



About Us

Ulukartal Family, leaving its mark in Turkish food sector since 1928, has been pursuing its success achieved by its Kartal and Pastavilla brands in pasta sector with Verde trademark in olive-oil production since 1996. Registration of Verde trademark in Italy for 49 years in the first years of stepping into olive-oil sector is an explicit indication of objective of Verde in the olive-oil sector.

Verde, since its foundation, has been constantly augmenting its effectiveness in trading domain. Investments have been done in four periods. The initial investment was done for the press and filling processes. The second investment was related to refine process, whereas the third one was for the modernization purposes and the fourth one was for the capacity increase. Its current technology and the capacity were on par with the state-of-art technology currently applied all across the world. Verde utilizes Turkish, Italian, German and Swedish technology. Verde is a corporation, always keeping up with the contemporary advancements of the point of time in terms of fund of knowledge, and highly placing emphasize on investing to human capital in parallel with the technological investments.

As the first corporation to place olive-oil in glass bottle in Turkey, Verde is a trademark has been constantly in the quest of innovative distinction such as offering early harvest extra virgin olive oil for the very first time to the consumers.

Verde, acting as the continuation of Mediterranean palatal delight tradition, sustains its growth by constantly taking cognizance of hygiene, quality and health and consolidating the brand reliability both in domestic and international markets.

Verde, due to its reputation to embrace and regard humans, environment and technological advancements and breakthroughs, employs a structure constantly adapting, renovating and modernizing as well as criticizing  itself while placing emphasize on continuous development and improvement.

Technological superiority reinforced by contemporary management systems and qualified and competent personnel employed enable Verde to set its objectives to ensure customer satisfaction on the optimum levels by practicing due diligence and haste required by the time by effective and efficient utilization of the entire dynamics of the corporate structure.

Our corporation has established the management and organization procedures for the purpose of fulfilling the relations and requirements required for the services stated on the trade registry by means of accommodating a discipline conception on optimum levels and thus, specialized in accomplishing of knowledge and experiences accordingly.

The objectives of Verde in the Turkish market are to increase the consumption quantities, introduce quality products into the market and to gain the recognition and appreciation of the consumers by offering distinction and diversity in olive-oil.

The objectives of Verde in the international markets are not compete with the Turkish corporations in olive-oil consumer countries but to create new markets both for itself and the Turkish olive-oil, in other words, to compete with the corporations in other olive-oil producing countries. Seeking for markets both for itself and the Turkish olive-oil in the markets recently introduced or currently in the process of being introduced with the olive-oil and introducing and promoting Turkish olive-oil that has been constantly expanding and growing, maintaining the share of Turkish olive-oil in international markets pro rata with the increase in the production capacity and performing the sales of value added products with each passing day and creating a brand are amongst other objectives. Verde is a corporation with the dedication and belief that such objectives can be achieved within the market.

Verde is amongst the leading corporations of Turkish food sector and claimed its position on the ranking of “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2015” of Istanbul Chamber of Industry. Even though exports to the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Malaysia, Japan, and China constitute 85% of the total turnover, the corporation currently has a domestic market share of 16%.