Verde olives are grown in the most fertile lands of the world, in Ayvalık and Aydın regions with the fresh breeze and sun of the Aegean.

These olives dancing in the arms of nature are monitored and kept under control by experienced Verde experts throughout the year. By autumn, that is, harvest time, this sacred treasure is collected by hand one by one without harming a single one. These olives are selected with great care and care; Verde's international standards with the most modern production facilities in Turkey, is transformed into a treasure.

Verde Olive Oils, which are obtained by traditional cold press method without using any additives, are bottled untouched by human hands under extremely healthy conditions after passing the necessary laboratory tests.

And olive oil, the gift of nature to human beings, is presented to world cuisines by Verde with Verde quality.

These high quality olive oils produced by Verde and having the standards stipulated by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC); It is the choice of those who care about taste and health in many regions of the world, especially in America, Italy, Spain, Canada and the Far East countries.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
For gourmets who love intense taste ...

"The Green Pearl of the Mediterranean…" is a perfect olive oil from Verde with the lowest free fatty acidity. The unique olives carefully picked from the olive trees and thoroughly starts to the journey. Washed olives are carefully filtered and bottled.

Virgin Olive Oil
Unique taste for bitter lovers...

The most beautiful olives of the Aegean are collected just in time and squeezed with care. Verde Virgin Olive Oil adds flavor to magnificent salads and main dishes in its bottle. It is the sought after taste of the tables with its burning taste in the nasal passage.

Pure Olive Oil
The secret of light meals...

It contains the unique aroma of olives with its taste and smell. The most delicious and ripe olives of the Aegean are carefully selected.

Olive Pomace Oil
The new architect of delicious meals...

Olive Pomace Oil is an edible oil obtained by adding Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Verde Refined Olive Pomace Oil, which is produced in high quality. 


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